Inn and Outhouse team

Guy Sieg (left): Owner

Guy is the primary owner and director of the Inn and Outhouse bar. He lives just down the street and had the idea to buy the bar from the previous owners. His vision helped turn the Inn and Outhouse bar into the successful business it is today.



Dan Sieg (left): Owner

Dan is a Northwoods native and currently resides in North Carolina.He is a professional BMX biker who used his entrepreneurial spirit to help create the BMX and extreme sports team, AGANATION. Although Dan no longer competes, he travels hosting and performing in events all over the country and world.

Maddie Laing(right): PR/marketing manager

Maddie obtained her Bachelor of Science in Communications from East Carolina University in 2014. She is the primary editor of all webpages and social media websites. Maddie plans events and uses her marketing and advertising skills to help with promotion of the bar.